Twitter @KoheiSaito [2010-02-14]

  1. Posterous is already integrating Google Buzz. http://bit.ly/9sIIC2
  2. HOW TO: Make a Google Buzz Desktop App http://bit.ly/cWPCoZ
  3. Wow, almost 400 comments to this Buzz: "what do you call a Google Buzz user?" http://bit.ly/aOEMtE
  4. Started following some ppl listed in http://bit.ly/b4aXZq - the ongoing discussions in Buzz around their posts are quite interesting.
  5. Many Buzz users seem to have connected their Twitter accounts to Buzz. So if I follow someone's Buzz and Twitter, I see same posts on both.
  6. Check out my new Google profile http://www.google.com/profiles/3110jp
  7. How to post Buzz via email? Send your post to buzz@gmail.com http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=171463

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