Twitter @3110jp [2009-12-11]

Also whenever I switch to another app or tab and back, #brizzly popup window is closed. Would be nice if the popup stays open.

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With Chrome #brizzly exension, unsaved tweet is lost with TL auto refresh. Any way to avoid this?

posted at 19:10:58

Chrome @brizzly extension lets me save drafts, but how do I retrieve them later and continue typing within the extension?

posted at 19:04:43

ムング豆→ムンク→アッチョンブリケ→ピノコ→久しぶりにBJ読みたくなった RT @sachifujii ムング豆スープ完成!我ながら美味しそう。Made Moong Dal Soup. Looks pretty gut! #fb http://twitgoo.com/5viq1

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@jumpingknee ラザニア好きなのでついつい盛り過ぎました…

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