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VMWare Fusion 2 -> 3 upgrade for $40. Worth the money or not?

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エレキウクレレにディストーションかける意味が正直よくわからない。ギターと聞き分けられない。Now playing: Jake Shimabukuro "When You're Down" from album "Crosscurrent".

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RT @mattcutts: Here come Chrome extensions! http://bit.ly/6gHZP7 I want one to share on FriendFeed & bit.ly to save bookmark bar space. :)

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アップリケ=appliqué、apply と語源一緒。http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=apply

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Something weird happening with my @seesmic web TL. Same tweets repeated over and over. http://embr.it/5w

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